Webcast: Accelerating Digital Business Through Security, Risk and Compliance

2017 was yet another tough year for IT security professionals. Securing digital transformation, while coping with an increasingly dynamic threat landscape, IT professionals were faced with the challenge of addressing ransomware and other cyber attacks, while also having to cope with the challenge of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Another tough year indeed, but we expect that 2018 will prove no less problematic. However, this will provide opportunities for the vendor community. Organizations of all types and sizes are charging ahead with their digital transformation programs, including IoT and Cloud. And GDPR compliance remains a priority beyond May 2018.

How can CISOs and senior security professionals ensure that they keep the organization secure, while enabling – or accelerating – digital transformation in a compliant manner?

Join Dominic Trott to learn more about:

- Threat Landscape 2018 and beyond – what key factors to consider
- Accelerating digital business through security and compliance
- GDPR: Life after May 2018
- Making security operations efficient and effective