True transformation reaches your core - use a transformation platform

Organizations can succeed at true digital transformation that goes beyond digital innovation – connecting new models with existing systems, processes and ways of working.

Most of the time, organizations almost always start digital transformation efforts by seeking to reinvent customer experiences, which makes sense – transformations should be led outside-in, taking the needs of the customer as the starting point. However, focusing only on creating a "digital outside" for a business using new digital projects tends to lead to individual business functions creating "islands of innovation". This can be a great way to start on a digital transformation journey, but it has limited potential to scale.

Effectively co-ordinating and integrating existing internally-focused capabilities (or back office) and new externally-facing capabilities (or front office) is a challenge. What separates these internally-facing and externally-facing capabilities isn't only a matter of where in the organization the supporting technology systems are built and operated; what technology stacks they're built on; or what processes and methods are used to build and maintain them. They're also separated, in many cases, by the fact that they're designed based on fundamentally different assumptions.

In this webcast we will present and discuss how leading organizations are using automation and integration platforms to help them bridge the old "pre-digital" back office, and the new environments enabling digital innovations end-to-end. We will also see through real examples that connecting and integrating the two “worlds” do not require to significantly modify, adapt or change the old “pre-digital” world while ensuring the optimum data and services consistency all across.