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Top Tips for Assessing Retail eCommerce Maturity

September 13, 2018 IDC, IDC EMEA, IDC Research
Watch this video by Giulio Raffaele, Senior Research Analyst, IDC, as he talks about the five stages of retail ecommerce maturity, from the simplest and unstructured Ad Hoc stage to the most mature and systemized Optimized stage. IDC identifies these stages with the succession of the main ecommerce generations, up to the present one, and looking toward a new upcoming generation.

More insights are available in a new IDC Retail Insights research, IDC MaturityScape: Retail eCommerce 1.0 -

"Ecommerce is characterized by mobile-first experiences, real-time analytics, and individual experiences driven by customer experience platforms leveraging innovation accelerators such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) for both known and anonymous customers; a new last-mile delivery ecosystem opportunity; and the usage of industry-collaborative platforms to unlock innovative business models. IDC Retail Insights' eCommerce maturity framework helps retailers align their ecommerce approaches in perspective of the Commerce Everywhere business models, where there will not be separate platforms for eCommerce but just retail platforms delivering commerce services." said Ivano Ortis, Vice President, IDC Retail Insights.