Time to get on top of your enterprise application modernization - An IDC & IBM Webinar

September 30, 2020 john o'brien

Time to get on top of your core enterprise application modernization

It is no secret that enterprise applications are the foundation of business processes, employee engagement, and customer experience in other words the engine of the business, providing the data, intelligence, and computational tools necessary to running a successful organisation in the digital economy.

It is also well known that the Nordic countries are seen as ahead of the curve in their digital journeys, however it is evident that a large proportion of companies have successfully modernized the front-end towards their clients leaving their image intact but too often just built on existing back-end systems where the lack of benefits as scalability, agility and automation are hard to harvest in full. Solutions which have proven “good enough” for a while now need the attention to be truly ready for the demand for the digital economy.

We see that to join the next step in Digital Innovation: Enterprises need to become creators of software and services, to manage the intelligent workflow with all corners of their ecosystem on their platform and set the agenda for future business

In this webinar, IDC's research director John O'Brien and IBMs Global CTO for SAP services Allan Coulter will shed light over questions like:

  • How best to shift to intelligent applications and business processes?
  • What is the importance of data, and getting to a unified view, and then using AI/analytics to drive the intelligent use cases?
  • What is the value of extending ERP through cloud native applications, intelligent workflows and automation (intelligent process automation)?
  • How to outline the business case rationale for ERP modernization, and how to accelerate the move?
  • What does the intelligent workflow of the future look like?