Future of Infrastructure

The Journey to Cloud - BUILD

May 29, 2020 carla arend, cloud
Cloud is becoming mainstream and we are now seeing that business-critical workloads like ERP systems are being migrated to the cloud. There are different migration strategies depending on the modularity of the workload and the skills available in the organization. There is no "one-size fits all" cloud, so it is important to choose the right cloud and the right migration strategy for each workload.
At the same time, Digital transformation is maturing, and organizations now need to make a strategic shift from becoming consumers of software to building their own software to achieve competitive differentiation. They will need to meet new customer requirements, build new capabilities and infrastructures, and form new partnerships to fuel future growth and sustainability. Cloud is the new operating model for IT, and new management best practices need to evolve to address the complexities of a multicloud architecture. Controlling cost, right-sizing the cloud instances, managing the cloud life-cycle are critical aspects of managing cloud environments effectively.
In this webinar, we will explore:

Which of the different cloud migration strategies fits to each class of workload
What are the criteria to choose the right cloud for business-critical workloads
Why cloud is accelerating in the current situation and why cloud should be part of your future strategy