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The Future of Mobility: An IDC Government Insights Webcast

December 05, 2019 IDC, IDC EMEA, IDC Research
In 2020, European smart cities investment in intelligent transportation will surpass $3.5 billion. The real excitement (and complexity) comes with the rapid innovation in business models and services offered.

Cities are often unprepared to cope with the influx of e-bikes, e-scooters and e-mopeds and the impact on pedestrians and road users. Changes in the modes of mobility are also impacting train stations and airports, requiring them to transform from mere arrival and departure points to hubs of multi-modal connectivity and economic development, to first and last mile delivery of goods being re-imagined.

Urban dwellers seek intra-city travel with minimal wait times between modes, minimal hassles and travel time, intuitive payment systems, maximum comfort and safety, and minimal environmental impact. In response to these changes urban transportation is evolving into “mobility as a service” (MaaS) — a more traveler-centric view of transport that is less focused on individual modes and more on a person’s mobility options from one location to another.

Executives from across the urban transportation ecosystem - city mobility planners, urban transit strategic planners, car OEMs strategists, ride-hailing and ride-sharing operators and technology suppliers’ sales and marketing leaders, that attend this webinar will:

• Understand the intelligent transportation emerging business models
• Identify opportunities and challenges for the ecosystem
• Learn from good practices around Europe