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The Retail Digital Experience in 2019

1,023 views February 11, 2019

When we look at the European region, we see a complex and highly differentiated and fragmented...

Future of Work

Re-framing the Future of Work

1,130 views February 11, 2019

IDC believes that the Future of Work is more than a cultural movement or technological...

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What is Changing in Retail Customer Experience?

624 views February 11, 2019

Download the free IDC eBook on 5 Best Practices for Achieving Customer Experience Personalization...

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What's Next for 3D Printing?

348 views February 08, 2019

3D printing is one of the emerging technologies that empower businesses to propel Digital...

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Top Tips for Assessing Retail eCommerce Maturity

433 views February 11, 2019

Watch this video by Giulio Raffaele, Senior Research Analyst, IDC, as he talks about the five...


Partner Engagement: An IDC Best Practice Framework

327 views August 27, 2018

One of the questions IDC’s Channels Analysts are frequently asked is “who has the best partner...


Preparing your Partner Strategy for the Future

328 views August 27, 2018

IDC's Margaret Adam, lead analyst for partnering in Western Europe, talks about the widening gap...

Digital Transformation

AR/VR: The New Reality

2,450 views July 05, 2018

AR/VR is a disruptive technology that has the potential to truly change and empower the way in...


Cloud Adoption: The European Way

689 views June 28, 2018

IDC's Carla Arend talks about how European organisations perceive Cloud adoption, what...

Digital Transformation

The Future of Development: New Rules for Apps...

306 views June 18, 2018

To excel in the next phase of the digital transformation journey CIO's must look to enable modern...

Digital Transformation

Why SD-WAN is critical for Digital Transformation

474 views June 18, 2018

Short teaser video for IDC's forthcoming webcast, "The Digital-Native Network: How Software Will...

Digital Transformation

Top Tips for Implementing a Strategic Payments Hub

591 views June 18, 2018

This IDC video highlights why a bank might want to consider implementing a strategic payments hub...