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The Blockchain Opportunity in Europe

519 views April 23, 2019

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have a global nature, as their main objective is...

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Risk - The Three Rs of Utilities 2/3

288 views April 23, 2019

Utilities across the world are radically transforming their businesses. While navigating along...

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Relevance - The Three Rs of Utilities 1/3

331 views April 23, 2019

Utilities have to remain relevant in a world where energy use and the expectations of digital...

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Manufacturing Ecosystems: Building the Future

345 views April 23, 2019

IDC predicts “By 2022, driven by rising customer expectations and competition from the platform...

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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming...

1,712 views February 11, 2019

AI is a key enabler allowing businesses to reimagine processes, services and value propositions...

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The 3Rs of Utilities

403 views February 11, 2019

The utility industry is in the midst of navigating its transformation journey, and IDC Energy...

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The Retail Digital Experience in 2019

964 views February 11, 2019

When we look at the European region, we see a complex and highly differentiated and fragmented...

Future of Work

Re-framing the Future of Work

1,039 views February 11, 2019

IDC believes that the Future of Work is more than a cultural movement or technological...

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IDC European CISO Summit 2018

655 views February 08, 2019

IDC hosted its 2nd Annual European CISO Summit in Sintra, Portugal on 12-13th November 2018; here...

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What is Changing in Retail Customer Experience?

582 views February 11, 2019

Download the free IDC eBook on 5 Best Practices for Achieving Customer Experience Personalization...

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What's Next for 3D Printing?

298 views February 08, 2019

3D printing is one of the emerging technologies that empower businesses to propel Digital...

Digital Transformation

Phil Carter welcomes you to IDC European 2019...

1,034 views November 06, 2018

Register here for the live webinar: https://buff.ly/2A6707M On the 6th of December, IDC is going...