Future of Digital Innovation

Preparing for Digital Supremacy - Frank Gens @ IDC CxO Directions 2020

January 28, 2020
By 2023, the global economy will reach "digital supremacy": when products and services from digitally transformed enterprises will account for over half of global GDP. The impact will be enormous; enterprises not able to compete in the "digital" portion of the economy will miss out on half the opportunity in their core markets. This digital-first economy will demand an entirely "new species" of enterprise: one with a digital-first operating model that is:
  • Hyperspeed: able to create and enhance digital services 100 times faster than today
  • Hyperscale: developing as many digital apps and services in the next four years as in the past 40 - and deploying those services across billions of edge devices and millions of edge computing locations
  • Hyperconnected: Amplifying their own "innovation power" by supersizing their digital supply chains and distribution networks
In this presentation IDC Chief Analyst Frank Gens will share how – and how quickly – enterprises will transform, and what tech suppliers will do to align with these radically changing market needs.