Keeping Up with the Pace of Digital Transformation

The most prevalent business priorities for Nordic organizations in 2020 are innovation, customer engagement and improved efficiency. Attracting the right customers and at the same time enhancing the customer experience with new services and market approaches are absolute necessities in a market where both new entrants and existing competitors are fighting for the customers’ grace.

In this situation, digital transformation has become an essential part of business strategy across industries. Digitization of processes helps reduce cost, but also allows for greater agile maneuverability and building more relevant customer engagement. It also serves as a key foundation for developing new business models, and that is paramount to all organizations – not only for sustaining profitability and staying competitive today, but for remaining relevant in the digitally transformed world of tomorrow.

Digital transformation should not be considered a standalone project but a journey for the entire organization, consisting of many initiatives that guide and support the shift to a sustainable digital business model. Successful transformation can only happen if the adoption of new technology is accompanied by a true digital strategy, adapting value assessment models and creating an organizational and cultural setting that encourages innovation and supports change.

During the webcast Keeping up with the pace of Digital Business Transformation Anders Elbak, associate research director at IDC, and Chris Pope, VP Innovation at ServiceNow, will share their latest insight on digital transformation in the Nordics.
  • How mature are your peers in their digital transformation endeavours and how fast are they advancing?
  • Which technological, strategic and organizational changes are undertaken to ensure a successful evolution?
  • What do you need to do, to ensure progress on your digital transformation journey?