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IDC Multi Cloud Conference 2019

124 views January 30, 2020

Highlights from IDC's Multi Cloud Conference 2019 held in London on April 10th! To find out more...

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Talking about Baselworld

339 views January 30, 2020

During Baselworld 2019, IDC's Francisco Jeronimo and Francisco Almeida sat down to discuss what...

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Join us for the 2019 IDC European CIO Summit

47 views January 30, 2020

IDC's Tom Meyer and Philip Carter provide an introduction to the 2019 European CIO Summit! For...

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How to Achieve Retail Innovation Excellence

149 views January 30, 2020

Retail innovation directed at commerce everywhere business models is the key for long-term...

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Revenue Generating Open Banking Strategies

533 views January 30, 2020

European consumer banks are opening their doors to new partners and surrounding supply chain....

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IDC IWD - Empowering Women in Tech

83 views January 30, 2020

In March 2019, In recognition of #IWD2019, we joined the world in celebrating women's...

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IDC Multicloud Conference 2019 - Roz Parkinson...

209 views January 30, 2020

Keynote presentation - The Multicloud Future: Why Networking is Key Roz Parkinson, IDC's...

Future of Work

IDC Future of Work Conference 2019

760 views April 23, 2019

Highlights from the IDC Future of Work Conference 2019 held in London on the 20th March! To find...

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IDC's Security Conference 2019

488 views April 23, 2019

Highlights from IDC's Security Conference 2019 held in London on March 28th! To find out more...

Future of Customer Experience

How Can 'CX' be your Competitive Differentiator?

560 views April 23, 2019

Want to Learn More? Find us at: IDC research shows that...

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The Blockchain Opportunity in Europe

610 views April 23, 2019

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have a global nature, as their main objective is...

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Relevance - The Three Rs of Utilities 1/3

404 views April 23, 2019

Utilities have to remain relevant in a world where energy use and the expectations of digital...