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Imported from IDC EMEA

SAP S/4HANA Migration - 3 Important Questions

423 views January 30, 2020

IDC's Suresh Singh, VP of European consulting, puts forward three important questions that IT...

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5G in European Healthcare

29 views January 30, 2020

European healthcare providers face network capacity and reliability challenges as they move...

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SAP S/4HANA Migration - 5 Key Learnings

338 views January 30, 2020

IDC's Philip Carter introduces our latest research stream looking at how customers are...

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Margaret Adam On Partnering and Ecosystems

187 views January 30, 2020

Margaret Adam talks to Jan Horsager about why the ability to partner well will differentiate the...

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Digital Executive Summit Takeaways - Day One

47 views January 30, 2020

Here's Dennis D'Amico from Estra SpA at the #IDCDX19 Summit talking about his experience and key...

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IDC Multi Cloud Conference 2019

89 views January 30, 2020

Highlights from IDC's Multi Cloud Conference 2019 held in London on April 10th! To find out more...

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Talking about Baselworld

303 views January 30, 2020

During Baselworld 2019, IDC's Francisco Jeronimo and Francisco Almeida sat down to discuss what...

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Join us for the 2019 IDC European CIO Summit

23 views January 30, 2020

IDC's Tom Meyer and Philip Carter provide an introduction to the 2019 European CIO Summit! For...

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How to Achieve Retail Innovation Excellence

120 views January 30, 2020

Retail innovation directed at commerce everywhere business models is the key for long-term...

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Revenue Generating Open Banking Strategies

417 views January 30, 2020

European consumer banks are opening their doors to new partners and surrounding supply chain....

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IDC IWD - Empowering Women in Tech

31 views January 30, 2020

In March 2019, In recognition of #IWD2019, we joined the world in celebrating women's...