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IDC Webcast: Multicloud 2.0

April 02, 2019 carla arend, cloud, multicloud
2019 will be the year of Multicloud!
IDC research shows that cloud computing is gaining momentum across the Nordic region, with more companies investing in cloud services and cloud technology to secure a competitive edge.
The right cloud service for every application scenario and every stakeholder, no vendor lock-in, high reliability with the best possible performance — more and more companies are recognizing the attractiveness of a multicloud strategy in the context of digital transformation. However, companies often underestimate the high administrative overhead and quickly reach their limits when it comes to issues such as privacy and service level agreements.

Digital innovators want to consume cloud content from multiple cloud locations while remaining as flexible as possible. On one hand, this gives users tremendous freedom, but at the same time presents the CIOs with great challenges. For IT organizations to add value to innovative businesses, the only way is to formulate a multicloud strategy based on hiring people with the necessary negotiating skills, investing in automation software, and revising transnational connectivity options.

In this webcast, Senior Program Director Carla Arend, discusses the What, the How and the Why of Multicloud.

  • What: Multicloud strategi and execution
  • How: Dev-ops & agile working
  • Why: Customer experience and Digital Transformation