Future of Customer Experience

IDC Webcast: Future of Customer - Gerry Brown

Future of Customer: CX technologies will evolve to meet their needs

The future customer is demanding and impatient, and technology vendors must gear their future customer experience product and service developments, channels and marketing to align or pay the ultimate penalty of irrelevance. Vendors need to create a data halo using emerging technologies that meets customer expectations and delivers better business outcomes for end customers, their suppliers, and technology providers. This is the new CX economy and ecosystem set into dynamic motion.

In this short webcast, IDC’s European CX Research Director, Gerry Brown will reveal:
  • IDC's visionary new framework model for the Future of Customer
  • The importance of CX in tech buying decisions
  • The industry sectors investing most heavily in CX tech
  • The 3 future pillars of CX: smart personalisation, emotional engagement and customer adventures