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IDC Webcast: From Multicloud Chaos to Multicloud Control

May 31, 2018 carla arend, multicloud, webcast
Organisations are on a journey towards a multi-cloud world, to create the optimal cloud strategy for digital transformation and business transformation. Multi-cloud creates a new set of complexity around security, operations and data management, which IT providers need to address.

The move to mulit-cloud drives significant technical, organizational and cultural change in organizations, with new roles being created to drive cloud projects and strategies. The result: IT vendors and service providers need to reposition their offerings for the multi-cloud world, to either provide hardware, management software or cloud professional, managed and operational services to help organizations succeed with their hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

Join us for this multicloud webcast, where Senior Program Director Carla Arend will discuss how vendors need to align with their customer’s journey towards hybrid and multi-cloud.

You will learn more about:

- Why companies are moving towards multi-cloud strategies
- Which challenges they are facing and how you can help them
- How mature organisations are on their multi-cloud journey
- Which new personas you need to target