IDC Webcast: Delivering Business Value Through Security

March 21, 2019 dominic trott, security
Security teams remain under constant pressure: from the evolving threat landscape, to the rise of digital transformation and the mounting burden of regulatory reform. But further pressure is coming from the business as well: business leaders and the board understand that security is important, but they do not understand the ‘language’ in which security teams speak. This negatively impacts business leaders’ ability to make informed decisions that are cognisant of security implications.
However, IDC’s research indicates that security leaders are starting to cut through and make a difference. They are shifting the perception of the business domain, away from being a business inhibitor and towards being a business enabler. They are achieving this by demonstrating the impact of the security team on achieving business outcomes. And to communicate this, they are focusing on risk as a ‘lingua franca’ through which to express security terms and concerns in a way that the business can understand.
In this webinar Dominic Trott, IDC’s Research Director for European Security Privacy, provides a perspective on the following three questions:
  • How can the security function build its profile in the business?
  • What are the business outcomes that security can and should enable to build influence?
  • How can security demonstrate a link to those outcomes, and its impact on them?