CxO Directions

IDC Webcast: CxO Directions

Succeeding as CxO in the DX Economy.

Within the next three years, over half of the global economy will be digitized. This onrushing digital transformation (DX) will become a ticking clock in the heads of all business leaders, sounding out a message of "faster, faster" around enterprises' efforts to compete on same terms as digital natives.

An expanding digital developer population, the blockchain-fueled rise of digital trust, richer AI services, deeper human/digital interfaces, and much more diverse cloud services will also help drive innovation. A new "IT world order" will emerge around changing technologies, new offerings, evolving business models, and the hottest customer DX use cases. New power positions will emerge, and leadership ranks will be shuffled.

Join us for this webcast, where IDC Nordic's Research Director Anders Elbak will discuss how organisations are securing their business will be winning against the digital natives and remain in business going forward.

You will learn more about:

- How to tackle the new "IT world order“ successfully
- How the changing technologies and new offerings evolve business models
- The importance of fostering an innovation culture to exploit the digital opportunities
- How "agile" will become a standard

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