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IDC Multicloud Conference 2019 - Carla Arend, Lead Cloud Analyst

October 08, 2019 carla arend, cloud, multicloud

In November IDC will host the Multicloud conference 2019.
Senior Program Director and Cloud Lead Analyst, Carla Arend highlight a few of the key topics we will address at the conference.

Learn more and register below

Copenhagen: 12 November - www.idc.dk/multicloud_dk

Leuven: 13 November - www.idc.com/multicloud_be

Helsinki: 19 November - www.idc.fi/multicloud_fi

Stockholm: 20 November - www.idc.se/multicloud_se

Oslo: 26 November - www.idc.no/multicloud_no

Amsterdam: 28 November - www.idc.com/multicloud_nl