Internet of Things

IDC European IoT Webcast 2020 - Deriving Vaue from IoT Investments in 2020

Intelligent connected objects, real-time processing scenarios, predictive actions, hyper-personalized customer (or citizen/patient) interaction, and process optimization best practices are now the norm in the evolving European Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.

With more than a third of European companies currently adopting at least one IoT solution, the European Internet of Things market has entered a new era of maturity in which we see an increasing share of adopters successfully transitioning from proof-of-concept scenarios to scalable and repeatable companywide deployments.

Some of the key IoT topics reshaping European digital strategy agendas include:
The impact IoT is having on business and society, through a variety of use cases
The value of data extracted from IoT sensors and how to create a successful data strategy through different steps from aggregation to augmentation and monetization
The IoT connection with other emerging technologies (such as AI, blockchain, and edge computing) and how they can work with each other to enable new digital scenarios