Future of Digital Innovation

IDC Directions 2020 - At the Brink of the Digitally Transformed Economy

It feels like yesterday that our Directions 2020 were far fetch predictions of what is going to happen in a distanced future. 2020 is finally in so join us for this legendary Directions webcast with our lead analysts; Chief Analyst Frank Gens, and our Nordic experts Anders ElbakJan Horsager and Martin Sundblad will share with you their most recent research and their thought leading guidance for the coming year and the future beyond.

IDC estimates that the Worldwide spending on digital transformation initiatives surpasses astonishing 1.3 Trillion USD this year, and digital business transformation is also one of the most prevalent IT and business priorities in the Nordics.

This transformation is mainly driven by what we call the Innovation Accelerators. These are six emerging and disruptive technologies that IDC has identified which will drive the next wave of innovation and growth beyond the 3rd Platform – and taking digital transformation efforts to the next level. The six technologies are: Robotics, Augmented/Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, The Internet of Things, Cognitive Computing and Next Gen Security.

Webcast Presentation
Nordic Digial Insights 2020 report