Getting Value from Your IoT Data, From Edge to Cloud

July 15, 2020 cloud, edge, iot

How organizations can manage IoT vast amounts of data, from edge to cloud, to gain insights and drive transformation in the post-Covid era.

IoT is emerging as a key part of enterprise plans to manage the Covid-19 crisis. In the short term, IoT is helping companies to respond to crisis with a variety of use cases that meet needs of the new environment, such as safety monitoring systems or cutting costs through increased efficiency. In the longer term, as the economy recovers, companies will need to focus on more comprehensive digitalization strategies that give them advantages in the post-Covid era.

To gain the full value from IoT solutions, enterprises must face some complex challenges. They must manage vast amounts of data of varying types and formats, collected from many different sources and distributed locations. Their solution must ingest that data; manage, store and process it where needed; gain actionable insights from analytics and ML models; and push decisions and models out to edge devices where they can enable rapid or real-time response.

Fortunately, cloud-based IoT platforms can take the complexity out of these solutions, enabling enterprises to gain the full benefits of advanced IoT solutions in a way that is secure, scalable and adaptable for future development.

Find out how enterprises are succeeding with IoT by using cloud-based IoT platforms to handle the complexity of full-scale IoT deployments and deliver business value in both the short and long term.

In this webcast we will discuss the following:

  • How IoT is helping companies during the Covid-19 crisis, as well as positioning the for success during the recovery
  • Common challenges in collecting, managing, and analyzing the huge flow of data in advanced IoT solutions
  • Using IoT cloud platforms to handle data ingestion, management and analytics from edge to cloud