Future of Work

Future of Work: Why Work Models Require Change

As organizations accelerate and expand digital transformation initiatives, new ways of working will emerge that brings transformation also to the workplace and the work culture. A number of trends in technology, mobility, automation and innovation culture coincide and will reshape collaboration at work.

The current pandemic crisis puts even more emphasis on adaptability and challenges our traditional work culture and ways of working. There is no longer an option to change. Organizations will struggle to adapt, but the change also opens up new opportunities in communication, in employee experience, in partnering eco-systems and in supply chains. New strategies will emerge for organizational structures, work environments, and value chains.

Workplace transformation will become a key to employee efficiency, business agility, employee retention and resilience. The digital transformation will reach new parts of business life, and learning, agility and adaptability will be a natural part of any company’s strategy and everyday way to manage business.

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