Future of Customer Experience

Future of Customers - Why Customer Experiences Require Change

May 06, 2020 gerry brown, jan horsager
Customer’s expectations (CX) around the quality of their experience will continue to rise exponentially, but in the digital economy, these experiences are influenced by an increasingly complex ecosystem. Organizations will leverage technologies such as AI, connected devices, ubiquitous services, and an underlying foundation of trust to understand customers’ needs and address them dynamically.

By 2023, 40% of the data collected throughout the customer journey will be used to provide a contextually relevant, behaviorally targeted, more empathetic continuous experience and the notion of a static transaction goes away.

In this webcast IDC Nordic will present and discuss:

IDC's visionary new framework model for the Future of Customer

The importance of CX in tech buying decisions

The 3 future pillars of CX: smart personalisation, emotional engagement and customer adventures

Usecases from CX tech