Digital Trust – is Identity the New Perimeter?

March 15, 2019 digital trust, security
In today’s digitally transformed world, digital trust is a prerequisite for doing business that is hard to earn but very easy to lose.

New technologies bring many ramifications from a security perspective. The number of devices and environments to protect continues to grow, complexity increases, but the traditional security perimeter is no longer an option.

Continuous Innovation drives change in how we think about identifying users and securing systems. In this world, identity becomes the new perimeter for securing digital assets, and can even enable us to infuse continuous risk assessment into authorization decisions. The demands of a friction-free digital experience can certainly make this task more challenging, but there are ways to strategically approach the convergence of Identity, Security and Fraud.

Mary Writz, ForgeRock and Mark Child, IDC share their view on Digital Trust and Identity as the New Perimeter and go deeper into:

  • The importance of organizations approaching identity in the DX era with clear goals and a strategic vision
  • The trends that allow for analysing context in order to add more security, on an ongoing basis, to authentication and authorization enforcement points
  • Innovative ways to connect identity platforms to a fraud engine and using an identity proxy to redact data based on risk scores.


Mark Child, IDC

Mary Writz, ForgeRock

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