Future of Infrastructure

Cloud-based Digital Infrastructure

Cloud-based Digital Infrastructure 
Security & Digital Trust for the Hybrid and Multi-cloud Era 

With technology driven business transformation becoming ever more apparent, we are also at the verge of the next chapter in the cloud evolution. More workloads are shifted to the cloud, but more importantly, the way applications are built, and data being used, change. This brings new opportunities, but also give rise to new challenges related to managing and securing data.

IT security has topped the list of business priorities in Nordic and Benelux companies for years, but with the companies digitising and transforming infrastructure, work processes and business models, the need for IT security is constantly changing.

We also see that security breaches have a greater effect on the business - not only in the form of ransomware or lost revenue due to crashes, but also in the form of fines and customer losses.

We are therefore increasingly talking about the concept of digital trust, which in addition to security is about risk management, documentation/compliance and whether data is used in a responsible fashion.