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Citizen Centricity by Design

With the adoption of modern technologies such as cloud-based services and the formalisation of digital skills and cultures across government agencies, public sector organizations are slowly taking up the challenge of purposely designing, building, and delivering public services with the citizen at the centre from the start rather as an afterthought. Technology is catching up with demands from enterprises. The increase in sensors, connectivity options, analytics, automation, and decision-making tools means it is now possible for governments to clean an understanding of citizens needs at increasingly granular levels and to be able to act on this data in a much more consistent way. The appetite for change with government for change and innovation has also increased. This convergence means that the demand for change is accelerating, government are responding and reimaging how they engage and work with citizens to improve services.

IDC Government Insights Europe will be exploring many of these issues and the implications for vendors and end users over the course of the year. Follow us research on the topic by visiting IDC website at or e-mail