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Beyond Optimisation

Beyond Optimisation - Digitally Transforming the Nordic Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector in the Nordic countries has had challenging times in decades. Especially the high labour cost in the region makes it difficult to stay competitive in an increasingly globalised market.

Technology has been instrumental in ensuring the necessary efficiency but today focus has shifted to how it can be used to enhance customer experiences and develop the business model to one that ensures success in tomorrow's data driven manufacturing ecosystem.

Like most industries, manufacturing is severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. In the immediate future some companies will inevitably shift to survival mode, digitisation and business transformation is more important than ever as supply chains are re-assessed and increased flexibility and contingency are elevated in the list of business priorities

In this webcast, IDC will present the latest research on digital maturity of the manufacturing industry. Which technologies are being adopted and which challenges do IT face when supporting the new digital business agenda?