IDC Webcast: IT Security - The Future of Trust - Dominic Trott

April 23, 2020 dominic trott, security, trust
IT Security 2020 – The Future of Trust

If the key disruption to the security market of the previous decade was the impact of digital transformation (DX) and resulting ‘de-perimeterisation’, the key outcome as we move into the next decade is the need for security teams to focus on the delivery of business outcomes. While classic metrics include the likes of cost reduction and resource utilisation, the most strategic of these is TRUST. In particular, as a result of DX being a mission-critical business strategy, the ability of the security team to guarantee this through the provision of digital trust is paramount.

But what exactly does trust mean, and what are the future needs that security teams will need to enable around it? IDC is answering these questions through its Future of Trust research initiative, which we will be exploring with the practitioner community at the IDC Security Roadshow of 2020. Critically, IDC’s research show that Digital Trust Programmes are at the very top of the board level agenda for the first half of the new decade, and through this roadshow we seek to engage with security professionals to establish what the future of trust means for them internally, across their supply chains and as an element of customer experience.

Please join us for a webinar with Dominic Trott, IDC’s Research Director for European Security and Privacy, where he will provide IDC’s perspective on the following three questions:

- What are the components of trust?
- Where does this sit on the board-level agenda?
- What is the role of security in enabling the future of trust?